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Hi from Rich Westman

by Rich Westman » 16.06.2010, 13:38


My name is Rich, and I am a conductor at Crich. But, my username has nothing to do with Crich! Even though there is a tram no. 8 (Chesterfield Horse Tram) the 8 in my username does not refer to it.
My other hobby is Church Bell Ringing, and within this there are a set of 8 methods (patterns) called the "Standard 8" and they are complicated and difficult to learn and ring. This is the number 8 in my username. The "spliced" part? It refers to more than one method being rung in the same length of ringing, and the Standard 8 are commonly rung this way, and it is called ringing "8spliced": my username.

My favourite tram? Hmmmm.... Difficult. I enjoyed conducting on Paisley 68 last year, but unfortunately it is out of service now. I rather like Leeds 180, but have only conducted on it once, and that was post-overhaul. Apparently LCC 106 is even better than 68, and being commissioned for service, so I will wait until I have been a conductor on it before passing judgement. Chesterfield 7 is also one of my favourites... don't make me choose! lol

I have some videos on YouTube, both of bellringing and of the Crich trams. For the ringing videos see www.youtube.com/8spliced and for my Crich ones see www.youtube.com/CrichConductor700 (as my staff number is 700!).

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by Advertising » 16.06.2010, 13:38


User name changed

by Christoph Heuer » 28.06.2010, 12:35

Hi all,

in accordance with the forum rules and in agreement with Rich, I have changed the user name.

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