Rules and regulations

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Rules and regulations

by Christoph Heuer » 18.01.2008, 20:12

Hello everyone and welcome to TMS Crich forum!

Like all communities there are some rules and regulations which have to be observed. Please read carefully what is written below and do not register unless you agree to observe the rules and regulations.

This forum is an attempt to provide a platform on the internet for members, staff and friends of the Tramway Museum Society, Crich, to communicate with each other, to inform about things happening at the museum and to discuss all matters relating to the society and the museum.

At present the content of the forum is visible to all users of the internet who happen to know the address. This is largely to give potential users an idea what they can expect if they are unfamiliar with forums. There is a private section which can only be accessed by TMS members.

Messages may only be written by registered users. This does not apply to the "open forum" where you can write without registration. Initially anyone can register. If you are a TMS member or member or TMS staff please give your real name and membership number in the signature box of the registration form. I will remove these before I activate your account. This is to give you access to the private forums. I will not reveal the fact that you have registered to a third party. I may keep a record of users. This will not be available to a third party unless necessary for the prosecution of a criminal offence.

You will have to choose a user name when you register. Please use your real name as user name. This does not apply to the "open forum" where you can write without registration and may use nicknames, pseudonyms or write anonymous contributions. The name of another living person or existing company or a name similar to another user's name will not normally be accepted as user name. Initials will only be accepted as user name if they can not normally be confused with another person. I reserve the right to refuse registration if I consider the user name to be inappropriate.

It may take up to 48 hours before I activate an account, so please be patient. I took this measure to keep the forum for its intended purpose and to protect it against spam messages. I reserve the right not to activate an account or to restrict or deactivate an account if it is considered appropriate.

Multiple registrations, i.e. more than one user name for one real person, are not permitted unless there are good reasons to do so. If you register under more than one user name, please contact me to explain why. If you register under more than one user name and I do not find the reason acceptable, all but one user name will be deleted.

I reserve the right to move messages or entire threads to the private section if I consider this move to be advisable. I also reserve the right to remove messages, parts of messages or entire threads completely.

Personal abuse, violence, racist or sexually explicit posts will not be accepted, because under the law of my native country I am responsible for the content generated by users. If you discover a message which you consider to be inappropriate, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The main language of the forum is English. I will happily accept messages in any other language as long as I can be certain that they do not contain any item mentioned in the previous paragraph.

I am always open for suggestions to improve the forum. Again, please do not hesitate to contact me or put the ideas for open discussion in the "General" section.

This forum is a private initiative by me as member of the Tramway Museum Society and is not directly connected to or endorsed by the Tramway Museum Society. I reserve the right to alter the structure or close it without prior notice. This may happen, if the forum is not accepted by TMS members.

By registering as user you accept these rules and regulations. You also accept the Registration Agreement Terms display in the registration process.

End of boring, but necessary, stuff. Rest assured that I introduced a number of rules to protect all users against misuse, not to be able to twist the forum as I like it. Now enjoy the forum.


Christoph Heuer
Gottfried-Trippel-Straße 18
34132 Kassel

Email (for forum matters only): tmscrichforum (at)

The rules and regulations were last amended on 23 September 2010
Christoph Heuer
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