Track renewal summary

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Track renewal summary

by Christoph Heuer » 16.11.2010, 11:57

Hello all,

Richard Lomas has shown some pictures of the currect state of the track at Crich on his blog I tried to do a quick summary of the work done in the past five to seven years, off the top of my head:

- Town End crossover relaid with new rails/points
- Interlaced: frogs replaced
- Curve beyond interlaced replaced
- Bandstand curve: Additional sleepers
- Points at Cliffeside replaced
- Cabin crossing curve relaid
- straight track approaching Wakebridge, Wakebridge itself and curve on extension relaid
- Smith's hole packed, successfully at last

Not bad, is it? That leaves one question: Which still existing rail has seen the longest service at Crich? I would think its the northbound track alongside the depot fan.


Christoph Heuer
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Re: Track renewal summary

by David Holt » 31.01.2011, 13:05

The first regular farepaying service, Sheffield 15 hauled by Bonny, ran between Town End and what was then the oil store, using what is now the Northbound line in both directions. So any of that track which survives is the track used for longest time for passengers.
David Holt

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