Slightly OT: Location of photos wanted

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Slightly OT: Location of photos wanted

by Christoph Heuer » 15.11.2010, 11:18

Hello all,

this is slightly OT for a Crich forum, but I still like to ask for your help. On the Sunday of the TMS specials at Blackpool, 12 Sep. 2010, I photographed some more trams, on traditional slide film. I usually remember the locations rather well but I am not sure about the following two pictures. Could anyone please help me with the location?

This was taken from the top deck of 717 and shows 706. I believe the tram stop is Central Pier, could anyone confirm or correct this, please?

The other way round: The picture was taken from the top deck of 706 and shows 717. It is not too far from Pleasure Beach but I am not too sure where exactly it is. Looking at Google maps I would vote for St. Chad's Road. Any ideas?

Kind regards

Christoph Heuer
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by Rich W » 16.11.2010, 15:07


You have the locations correct: the first is Central Pier, as each pier has a distinctive entrance and that is definitely Central's. The second was harder to place, but through looking at the pier in the background to the right and the buildings to the left, and putting the photo side by side with Google Maps on Street View there is no doubt that it is St Chad's Road.

Hope that clears that up for you!

Rich W

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