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Posting in the open forum

by Christoph Heuer » 23.09.2010, 21:43

Hello all,

in this forum you may post without the need to register. You may enter a user name which can be your real name, a nickname or a pseudonym. If you leave the space blank "Guest" will be inserted. (Registered users will see the translation into their chosen language.)

If you are a registered user and you are logged in your user name will be displayed.

You will have to enter a captcha solution to post. If you use the Preview-function you will have to enter a new solution to post. This does not apply to registered users who are logged in.

All usual rules as outlined in the "Please read this first" section apply with the exceptions given above.

Christoph Heuer
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by Advertising » 23.09.2010, 21:43


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