December 1993

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December 1993

by Christoph Heuer » 24.01.2011, 17:51

Hi all,

as we had a fair bit of snow last month I thought I could show a picture of a tram in snow at Crich that I had readily available.


The photo was taken in December 1993. Due to heavy snowfall the service had just been stopped and everyone was busy to get the three cars, 869, 167 and 510, back into the depot.

I had joined the society a few months before and drove from Hull to Crich to enjoy Santa Specials. I needed more than one attempt to get past the cross and the "Dutchman" on the snowy road and arrived just in time to witness the "running in". This then turned out to be my first day as an active member, my activity being shovelling snow!

Can anyone figure out on which exact date this might have been?

Kind regards

Christoph Heuer
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