Tramathon 1992

Tramathon 1992

by Christoph Heuer » 01.03.2008, 09:02

Hello everyone,

after a break a few more pictures, this time of my third visit to Crich. I noted 17 May 1992 as the date on the slide frames so that must have been Tramathon 1992.

This was my first year at university in Hull. I did not have a car then and travelled to Crich by train, changing at Doncaster, Sheffield and Derby. I remember that due to track work taking place we stood for ages one station before Doncaster and the driver had a look at the published timetable on the platform to inform himself when he could continue. I had been hoping he picked the usual departure time by mistake, not the altered one, which would have allowed me an earlier arrivial and connection at Doncaster but that was not the case. I think it took me roughly five hours to complete the journey!

It was a bright and sunny day, actually a bit too much contrast for either my camera or the slide scanner, as you will see.


To me the star of the show was Leeds 399, then the most recently restored tramcar in its second full year of operation. The colours were and are distictly different from the usual diet of red and cream. Then I would not have imagined that exactly eleven years and one day later, I would obtain the driving licence for that car!


As you would expect on Tramathon the works cars were out, such as Sheffield 330. A few years later I had the pleasure to guard this car on Tramathon. I think I did roughly twenty runs between depot crossover and Wakebridge stub with it.


I had ridden up to Glory Mine on either 40 or 399 and was granted permission to alight to take some pictures. Here we see Blackpool 49 in its last year of operation.


Johannesburg 60.


Blackpool & Fleetwood 2. Looking at the position of the driver, I never quite realised how awkward it is to drive if you are taller than about six foot. I knew Glasgow 22 is for pygmies only but not Rack 2!


Newcastle 102. It was paired with Southampton 45 and the driver had just gotten on after collecting the yellow staff.

From the pictures I believe I travelled back on Glasgow 1282 and had a look into the Exhibition Hall. The floor had been finished by then but the Edwardian Trade Exhibition had not yet been constructed, so it was just a depot.


Leeds 600 and Edinburgh 35 with Glasgow 1297 in the background. Who would have imagined that 1297 would return to traffic without a full restoration?


Hill of Howth 10. Looking at the picture I realised that it does not carry a trolleypole of trolley mast. Are they still missing? I wonder, why that car is not in the operating fleet. If I remember correctly it came back from Blackpool in full working order.


And finally, the steam loco again. The walls of the building still look unfinished.

That was a small journey back in time to a beautiful spring day, while outside the window over here we have a massive storm with rain and hail.

Please feel free to comment and also feel invited to show some pictures yourself. If you do not know how to put digital pictures onto the internet, please let me know and I will help.

Kind regards

Christoph Heuer
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by Andrew 7 » 01.03.2008, 21:32

Thanks for sharing those pics - they're great! They mean more to me than most as I was at Crich that day, I can remember it (vaguely), and what a lovely day it was! In all the years since I could probably count on one hand the number of times the Crich weather has been that kind to me since then, and I usually go about 3 times a year. :shock:

I remember Newcastle 102 being the star for me that day - I'd never seen it out before and didn't expect to either, so it was a brilliant surprise and I remember riding upstairs on it in the glorious sunshine. It's good to see a photo of Blackpool 49 in service as well, I remember that one too! Thanks for bringing some nice memories back. :D
Andrew 7
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by bluegoblin7 » 04.04.2008, 20:47

Great pics once again Christoph!

Wouldn't it be nice to see 49 and 102 back in service? I also hope that one day the Glory Mine terminus should be opened up so that other visitors can benefit from the good photo ops there!


Also, on looking today, Howth 10 is still missing it's trolley equipment - no idea where it has gone!

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