Tram loans to Blackpool?

Tram loans to Blackpool?

by Andrew 7 » 27.01.2008, 13:06

I've mentioned this topic on the Blackpool Transport Yahoo! group, but as it is also relevant to Crich I thought it deserved to be mentioned on here too.

The latest issue of Trams magazine reports that Blackpool Transport have been discussing the possibility of loaning several historic trams on a short-term basis for the 125th anniversary of Blackpool's tramway in in 2010. TEN trams have been mentioned as likely candidates, including SIX from Crich - exciting stuff! This has all apparently been discussed with the TMS, and the following trams are candidates for going out on loan:

Blackpool 40
Blackpool 167
Southampton 45
Glasgow 22
Leeds 399
Oporto 273 (an interesting choice!)

Nothing is confirmed yet, but I'm hoping that at least some of the above trams will end up running in Blackpool, if only for a few weeks. Other trams mentioned could be borrowed from Birkenhead, Beamish, Carlton Colville and Heaton Park.

Any thoughts???
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by Advertising » 27.01.2008, 13:06



by bluegoblin7 » 27.01.2008, 13:09

What a GREAT idea! mazed no-one though of it sooner (although if i remember correctly, Rack 2, 167 and of course Boxcar 40 have all run (or are running) at Blackpool.

Also, perhaps Boxcar 40 could come home once in a while?


PS - Oporto IS an interesting choice!
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by gprior » 27.01.2008, 22:57

It certainly is an interesting list and I am particuarly thrilled to see Southampton 45 on the list - returning to Blackpool after what nearly 60 years! It is probably my favourite tram as not only did it start the preservation movement in effect in the UK but it also happens to be the most local tram to my home!

The only disappointment is that there is not to be a London tram on the list - seeing a Feltham on Blackpool Prom alongside a Balloon would be quite some sight! Although, I think I read somwhere that Feltham's are too heavy for operation in Blackpool?

Also I don't quite see the point in Blackpool 40 going when there will be two Standards in Blackpool by then, so surely it is just duplicating things? If they wanted another Blackpool tram what is wrong with sending the Conduit? Or even the Loco?

Sending the trams to Blackpool should only be good for Crich as hopefully it will bring good publicity for the Museum and encourage people to visit the Museum, and maybe even encourage donations to things such as the TSO.

2010 should be an interesting year and hopefully will see trams in the spotlight nationally with the 125th Annivesary.

2010 - The Year of the Tram!!!!

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