TMS Journal April???

TMS Journal April???

by Christoph Heuer » 31.03.2008, 19:59

Hello everyone,

could those of you who are TMS members please let me know, if you have already received the April issue of "The Journal"? As my copy takes some time to "overseas" I am always a little behind.


Christoph Heuer
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by Advertising » 31.03.2008, 19:59


by gprior » 05.04.2008, 12:23

No, but then with the way the postal service is that isn't really much of a surprise!

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by bluegoblin7 » 05.04.2008, 12:51

Hi all,

The Journals were being packed and dispatched yesterday. I had the pleasure of taking mine with me as I was part of the tramcrew!




Oh and the piece about this forum is in there... 2 whole pages and an image!
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by Andrew 7 » 13.04.2008, 12:50

Got my copy - I'm really liking the new style Journal, the new Editor has done an excellent job of making the magazine look more fresh and attractive, without changing it too much.

Good to see a piece on this forum as well, I hope that it gets us some new members, as I'd like to see a bit more activity here. The promotion can only be a good thing! :D
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