Spring Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday

Spring Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday

by Christoph Heuer » 27.05.2008, 19:54

Hello everyone,

as I was there (surprise, surprise), here is a first hand account of Spring Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday:

Sunday was a rather dull day with heavy wind and some drizzle late in the afternoon. Tram service was every six minutes with six cars for most of the day. Cars is service were 60, 167, 180, 345, 399, 812 and 3006 for one trip.

Monday was brighter but even windier. Only six crews were available out of the eight planned originally. This resulted in a ten minute service with five cars, one single and two pairs. Cars in service were 167, 180, 399, 812, 869 and 3006 for two journeys. Do I have to mention explicitly that Monday was busier than Sunday?

For us (my wife Kerstin and myself) it were two enjoyable days at the sharp end, even though we were rushing to keep to schedule at times. As always the only hiccup appeared when we wanted a break which resulted in us having a nice break at Glory Mine. Just what we asked for, but with tea it would have been even better.

Kind regards

Christoph Heuer
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