Portraying a real tramway system

Portraying a real tramway system

by Christoph Heuer » 25.04.2008, 19:22

Hello everyone,

in another thread I suggested that we could try to portray a real tramway system more closely using visiting tramcars. This is something we can not do with our own tramcars, or can we?

What is typical for a tramway system? There are various types of cars but usually all in one livery, unless there is a transition from one to another livery.

We can in theory run the usual three-car service with cars from one system only: Leeds with 180, 345, 399 and 602, Blackpool with R2, 40, 166, 167, Glasgow with 22, 812, 1297 (and Berlin 3006 with matching colours!) and, in a way, London with 106, 331 and 1622. Still, the sight would not be that of one tramway system as, with the exception of the Glasgow cars, they all represent liveries of different periods.

So what can we do? Match similarly-coloured cars from different systems!

How would you like the following:

"Red and cream cars day": In operation 331, 1622 and 60
"Green cars day": 167, 869 and, sometime, 49
"Orange and cream": 22, 812, 1297, 3006

I still have to find something suitable in blue, though.


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