Forum features?

Forum features?

by Christoph Heuer » 12.01.2008, 14:06

Hello everyone,

the first subject obviously has go to be what you would like to see in this forum. Would you like more/other/fewer subjects? What do you think about accessibility? Which sections should be visible to everyone and which should be private?

After all, I started this forum but if it is to live it has got to be "our" forum.

Kind regards

Christoph Heuer
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by Advertising » 12.01.2008, 14:06


by Andrew 7 » 26.01.2008, 14:22

What I've seen so far looks good - I like the fact that you've divided the message board into different sub-categories, and I think you've got the number of categories about right. The private message facility is also very useful. So, I can't really suggest any improvements yet, I guess the best thing is to see how it goes when (hopefully) it gets busier!
Andrew 7
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