Crich Yahoo! Group!

Crich Yahoo! Group!

by bluegoblin7 » 22.01.2008, 21:28

Hi all,

Thought you might be interested in this Yahoo! group! -


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by Advertising » 22.01.2008, 21:28


Yahoo group???

by Christoph Heuer » 22.01.2008, 22:12


what's the point of having a new Yahoo group when a forum has been established just a few days previously?

Christoph Heuer
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by Fanof35 » 13.02.2008, 11:20

Anyone can start this sort of forum but if effort is concentrated on one then the content is likely to have a wider appeal. Personally I avoid yahoo as it seem to disrupt my pc and feel that the forum is the best hope.
A particularly interesting entry demonstrating the great potential value of such a site is the notification of Brian Pickup's death and the link to a programme he made for the BBC. It notified us of a sad event in which most of us would be interested and informed us of a piece on social history which I suspect very few would otherwise have heard about or seen. Brilliant.


by bluegoblin7 » 17.02.2008, 18:24


The idea of the Yahoo! Group is to work with this forum, and also host things the forum can't (or won't) allow - pictures, files, large polls etc.

It also allows choice - some prefer a Yahoo! Group, and some forums.

Also, with the Yahoo! Group, all you need is an email account - you don't even need a Yahoo! account - email [url][/url] to subscribe - you'll then get all the messages to your email inbox, withhout having to go on the site!

You can also post via email.


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