Crich photo shoot

Crich photo shoot

by bluegoblin7 » 03.02.2008, 19:54

Hello all,

I have posted this to the Yahoo! Group, but would also like to see if anyone here is interested.

What I plan to do, is organise a photo shoot, either night or day, and have a theme to it.

Please can you suggest possible themes, aswell as whether night/day, possible trams, and whether or not you would be interested!

Please note, it will incur a cost of £25 minimum, to cover the cost of hire, equipment etc. However, this should also cover the cost of museum entry depending on when the shoot is!

The money raised would go to a cause chosen by you and members of the Yahoo! Group. Current possible causes include:
*Towards Blackpool 298's Restoration
*Towards Blackpool 59 Restoration
*Towards London 1's restoration
*Towards the cost of a visiting tramcar (currently either a boat or a balloon, if Blackpool Transport and Crich are ok with it!)
*Towards the cost of buying 1 of Blackpool's Trams that will be made redundant when the new trams come online - while Crich may get some for nothing, they still have to pay transport costs to Crich or Clay Cross!)

Please comment!


[center]The above is a copy of a post I made in the general forum, however I feel it is relevant here too. Please reply here or there, here generally being for the more photographic side!


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