Cardiff 131

How do you feel about Cardiff 131 being restored?

Pleased - it deserves to be restored to running order
Unhappy - it's a waste of money
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A cosmetic restoration would have been better
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Cardiff 131

by Andrew 7 » 11.02.2008, 22:51

Seeing as the restoration of this water car is progressing well at the moment, I think it will be interesting to gauge the views of forum members on this project. I know that some very strong views have been expressed in The Journal; certainly I can understand a desire to restore something rather different, more so as 131 is the only Welsh tram in the TMS collection. However, £100,000 seems an awful lot to spend on a tram that will rarely if ever carry passengers - especially with so many passenger cars needing major work to run again.

My view is that Cardiff 131 should have been cosmetically restored, then it could have still played its part in the 2009 celebrations, towed by GMJ. It could have been put in the Exhibition Hall after that... however, although it wasn't my first choice for a restoration, I am looking forward to seeing it running. :D

So, what do you all think?
Andrew 7
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by bluegoblin7 » 25.02.2008, 20:10

While i'm not fully convinced, I do see it as a good way for driver training (which it will be it's primary use!), and it allows for the track to be watered regularly - which improves tramcar running, and has been ably fulfilled by Sheffield 330 since electric traction began!

It will also offer a nice alternative to all service cars - perhaps a short run to Cliffside would be possible - goes up with service car in front, waits for other car to clear single line, swings round and returns.

Thoughts, anyone?

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