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Well, I guess I better introduce myself too!

I'm Bluegoblin7, or BG7, or simply BG, and i've ben going to Crich since the mid nineties (the first time I went I was 3 i think!).

In 2007 I became a TMS member, and am about to get involved as both a CS and helping out in the workshop with light jobs and cleaning. I've worked on Class 101 DMUs - so I know what i'm doing!

Finally, so you can see me: 2 pics, the first me "driving" a 108 DMU, and then me in front of 3006.



Oh and, seeing as were having our favourite Tram according to user number, that makes me 2 or 4 or 1 - So: London 1, Rack 2 and Conduit 4 - BUT: None of them are my favourite trams. It is, of course, the one, the only:

[center]Blackpool 59 - The Dreadnought!!![/center]

And, I will SHOOT ANYONE who says that it shouldn't be restored. However, I, like many, will make do with 102 in the meantime... so please, please, PLEASE fix one or the other!
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