Blackpool 298

Blackpool 298

by clnhtn » 24.02.2008, 19:37

I notice elsewhere that Blackpool 298 has been reported to be the likely next car for restoration. 298 is in store at Crich with many parts prepared by the Blackpool Railcoach Fund.

No decision has yet been made on the next car for restoration. The Workshop team is extremely busy commissioning the operational fleet for 2008 and restoring LUT 159 and Cardiff 131.

The choice of next car is a long, complex process involving the availability of funds, the wishes of funders, the needs of the Museum operationally and curatorially and also the availability of skills.

Whenever a decision is made the details are given through the Society's magazines.

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by bluegoblin7 » 25.02.2008, 20:15

I personally think it would be nice to see 298 in action.

Cost wise, it's already at Crich, and it's been started, so surely there's les too be done and less cash to be spent than with something like the Dreadnought?

Ah well, we have a while to wait yet - 131 has to be done for next year, and 159 is also nearing bodywork completion!


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